Antidote to Energy Pessimism

From a recent interview with energy expert and futurist Jose Cordeiro:

“This year in 2012 we will reach grid parity with solar energy for the first time in some sunny markets. Grid parity means that solar energy in some markets, obviously starting in the sunnier countries, will reach the cost of electricity produced from coal. This will radically change the industry because it is going to be cheaper to use solar energy than to use fossil fuels.  It is the biggest transition in energy we have seen in the history of the planet. I foresee that in twenty years at least half of the energy used in the planet will come from solar sources.

“The solar industry actually is using many of the technologies to produce silicon panels, for computers, they are using [those same technologies] for producing solar panels. So there is an exponential trend also in solar panels and they are becoming cheaper and cheaper and cheaper. When you compare the trends in the reduction of the cost of solar panels, you can compare that to computing power just twenty years ago.”

One thought on “Antidote to Energy Pessimism

  1. Solar panels are a great technology. The question I ask is when will a solar panel or wind turbine fill the tank of my car? Right now, EV sales are about 0.1% of US car purchases.