Abundance of Links — A Dead Profession, A Troubling Graph, A Bunch of Scanned Textbooks

1. Add “Projectionist” to the List of Obsolete Professions

“For more than 120 years the projectionist has been integral to the cinema-goer’s experience. His tool is an elaborate machine which displays 24 still pictures from the film strip onto the screen every second. His job is monotonous and tedious. It also involves plenty of skill. But it is a dying craft.”

2. Andrew McAfee Posts New Technological Unemployment Graph

“When I look at this graph I see evidence of the computer age everywhere. Current labor force woes are not because the economy isn’t growing, and they’re not because companies aren’t making money or spending money on equipment. They’re because these trends have become increasingly decoupled from hiring — from needing more human workers.”

3. More Ammunition for an Educational End Run

“In about 7 days, BenchPrep can convert any textbook, say one on Calculus that sells for $50, into an interactive course it can sell for $100. That’s still much cheaper than taking a class in person. The publisher gets paid royalties on each course sale, and Rangnekar says BenchPrep plans to be cash-flow positive by June. New partnerships with more publishers will add 50 more courses to its library in the coming months.”

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