“Now With Enhanced Privacy!”

In a previous article, I mentioned how privacy as a commodity will only increase in value. This is because in a surveillance-heavy future, privacy will become more scarce. Therefore, we can expect new products to arise and fulfill this market need. Increasingly, products will advertise their privacy-enhancing features (whether or not these privacy enhancing features actually work). I see inklings of this trend already in mass market products like “Snapchat” which turn self-destructing data into a feature. Likewise, when Google+ first appeared on the scene, it attempted to distinguish itself from Facebook with its privacy-enhancing “circles.” And now that Facebook and Google appear to have been compromised by the NSA’s Prism program, the door is open for a new social network to step up that claims to better protect us from government eyes (again, whether or not it actually can). This principle applies offline as well. In the near future, we can expect bars and other businesses that institute “no-surveillance” policies as part of the way they attract clientele.

One thought on ““Now With Enhanced Privacy!”

  1. Yes, Jon, the self-evident humor of silliness like the Privacy Act of 1974… continues.

    But that’s “just” one act in the neverending Shakes-Experian play of “oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive”.

    Human nature, marketing, and manipulating – three reasons for LIMITING government to “express powers” and separating branches so as to enable checks and balances on power ‘naturally’ sought… ‘by all means necessary’.

    But, neither wisdom nor common sense are a matter of writing on paper. The checking and balancing of power among deceivers… is a neverending game of … spiritual warfare among thieves.

    So… “enhance”? Rather, simplify. Get the federal government completely OUT of education – zero money, zero laws/regulations, zero organizations and employees.

    I’d argue to get the 50 states out of it too for the same reasons; but, practically the states are necessary to… keep the feds out. And, to foster competition among… states, which enables citizens to choose… on the merits if they want, or ‘by any means necessary’ if they ‘believe in’… ‘whatever’.

    But Buck68, what’s education got to do with Enhanced? Privacy? Scarcity?

    Uh…what’s perception got to do with reality? Meaning with morals? ;-{)}

    “upon what comes first… all else depends”. I haphazardly try to explore this on http://www.flawedspecies.com …oh… the popularity! ;-{)}

    Happyz Fatherless Dei ;-{)}