“He’s Not on Mushrooms, He Just Has the Google Eyes”

You’re at a party, and you don’t know anyone, so you end up exploring the house. You come across an exotic looking potted plant and you wonder “What is that?” Your google glasses reveal that the plant in question is etilingera elatior, also known as ‘Torch Ginger.” A link appears to a gardening website where you can order seeds. You dismiss the link, but in the process you are reminded of your mother, who likes to garden, and think, “Oh shit, when is mother’s day?” You look up the date and are relieved to discover that you still have plenty of time to get a gift, so you can relax. But idly you are thinking, what is the origin of mother’s day anyway? Which leads you to a corresponding wikipedia entry…

Flash forward and suddenly you’re that guy who’s been staring at a potted plant for fifteen minutes.

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