Yes, Privacy is Dying But That Doesn’t Have to Mean Corporate Control

I do like this cute sticker. And I think there will be a legitimate market in the future for "null spaces": bars and other businesses that are branded as surveillance free.

I’ve been expecting backlash against the coming end of privacy and now with the imminent arrival of Google Glass it may finally be manifesting. The site “Stop the Cyborgs“, in addition to making cute stickers for “No Surveillance Devices” and “Google Glass is Banned on these Premises”, is arguing against what it calls “a future in which privacy is impossible and corporate control total.” I actually agree with the first part of their future. Privacy is on its way out and we should get used to that fact. I’m not so sure that’s a bad thing. It might just keep us more honest in a positive way.

As for the second part of their prediction, about corporate control total…that’s completely unclear as a consequence. That only becomes true if we are all locked into the same operating system and if furthermore said operating system decides to behave in a controlling way towards its customers. To me this is an argument against monopoly and in favor of competition (especially from open source!). Not against Glass or other surveillance technologies.

One thought on “Yes, Privacy is Dying But That Doesn’t Have to Mean Corporate Control

  1. Our great grandparents, especially the European ones, understood that there was for each of us a Public life and a Private life. It was when people cut ties with the part of society that knew their Public details, (went west, fought a war, moved to Ireland), that they began to perceive their Public lives as for private consumption. But now that we’ve started to settle down a bit more (get older, reform communites via online connections, create our own jobs), we are having to define anew what is Public and Private.

    It seems to me that someone complaining over being potentially captured on media by someone’s personal camera while they are dining or socialising in a public place has no concept of where their Private life ends and their Public life begins.

    Then again, we could always “opt-out” like this guy did: