Three Links on The End of Privacy

1. Five Ways Google Glasses Could Change Our World

“Out on a Saturday night acting drunk and a bit foolish? Or maybe stone cold sober on a Monday afternoon and accidentally (and embarrassingly) trip over in spectacular style? Someone’s AR glasses could record the moment, use facial recognition to identify you and publicly shame you by sharing it online, tagged to your Twitter account so that the whole world could laugh at your misfortune and know exactly who you were.”

Link via Mark Lewis.

2. Thomas Frey on Rewriting Our Social Norms

“We can understand this better if we look at the economics of perversion. If only one person has photos of a naked celebrity, it becomes a valuable commodity. If you can find the same photos on 10,000 different websites, the value of that photo approaches zero, and our thinking about perversion suddenly shifts along with the proliferation. Nakedness becomes the new norm.”

3. VR Integration Requires Total Transparency

“Think about how many cameras and sensors it’s going to take to make our environments “aware” of itself and us, so it can enable such VR interactivity.

“Then think about being able to walk onto an airplane without having to pass security, because no one with explosives would be able to get within ten miles of the airport. Think about being able to walk down the darkest alleyway in NYC in perfect safety, because there are no more muggers, because everyone knows that it’s impossible to escape arrest it you try…  Think about a million other uses for VR that we will demand, and the endless other potentials made possible by a self aware environment.

“Think about it, and maybe you’ll understand why I laugh at those who continue to believe that we will never become a ‘Transparent Society.'”

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