Video Simulation of How Autonomous Cars Will Navigate Intersections

This fun little video offers an aerial simulation of how a crowd of self-driving cars might navigate a busy intersection. I had two reactions upon watching:

  1. I am excited about how efficient self-driving cars are going to be at using existing roads. I hope to spend a lot less time waiting in traffic.
  2. If you imagine yourself inside one of the vehicles in this simulation, its clear how scary riding in one of these cars might be for an first timer. The cars routinely head right towards each other only to swerve away at the last moment.

2 thoughts on “Video Simulation of How Autonomous Cars Will Navigate Intersections

  1. I wonder if every car has to be robo-driven for this to work, or if individual cars can react to changing conditions. If it’s the latter, I want to be the guy in the old-fashioned “manual” car that floors it through the intersection while all the robot cars scatter.

  2. Scary yes, but it looks to me like there isn’t that much “swerving” in the sense of high acceleration change of velocity. Instead, these things have the ability to adjust paths smoothly in such a way that they come close to one another, but don’t wreck.

    This definitely only works if ALL the cars are autonomous. One human driven car would screw up the whole thing simply because the other cars couldn’t trust it to behave in the right way. I really hope things like this can speed up the adoption of self-driving cars and even making human driving illegal on public roads.