Mark Cuban: “I Hate Patent Laws”

Mark Cuban’s got a post up about the impending Yahoo/Facebook patent litigation. Warning: sarcasm is employed. (Some commenters seemed not to get it.) ┬áHis basic point is that people will not realize what’s really at stake with patents until something big and absurd, like Yahoo getting Facebook for having personalized pages, goes through and hits a brand people care about.

I hope Yahoo is awarded 50 billion dollars. It is the only way that consumers will realize what is at stake with patent law as is.

Then maybe we can get it right and further innovation and competition in this country.

2 thoughts on “Mark Cuban: “I Hate Patent Laws”

  1. I totally agree, patent laws are extremely destructive to innovation and progression. If you look back in history for America’s industrial revolution, it wouldn’t have been possible without the IP theft of textile mills from the British Empire.

    China’s Economic boom is also because of IP theft as many of us know, and when they have smashed into the stagnation of technology because they can no longer steal tech, they will have to innovate for survival.

    I personally believe EFF should be funded by the public and be put in charge of drafting new patent, copyright, and internet laws and authorizing whether patents are valid or not.

    Should check out something called Mega Diplomacy, I think he is right on the money with that. Organizations are becoming too powerful and they are all the wrong groups. Seems we have a very shady future ahead of us that we need to reign in and get under control or we are going to be hurting quite a bit.

  2. The trend I see with this is discouraging:

    Companies become immensely successful because they were so good at innovating, but then they become obsessed with the profits they made from that innovation, cling to it, then use all their resources to cling to their once great – but now obsolete – models or ideas instead of continuing their innovation and stifle progress, both their own and others.