Virtual Reality Has Already Been Here For a While

Nintendo's disastrous Virtual Boy had the silly glasses but was arguably way less "virtually real" than even its immediate contemporaries.

Virtual reality is often lumped in with jetpacks as an example of an anticipated technology that did not arrive when scheduled. I’ve always found this puzzling, because in my opinion we have VR and it keeps getting better. If you’re looking for VR, look no further than the ongoing flow of cutting-edge mainstream video games that continue to improve in terms of audio, visuals, tactile feedback, gestural interfaces, and social interactivity. But I suppose for many people it won’t be considered VR until silly glasses get involved, even though ultimately silly glasses may not even be the ideal way to achieve full immersion. I once heard it argued that even phone conversations can be thought of as primitive VR, and I think this perspective is essentially right. Progress in the field of VR has been alive and well for decades.

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