Money Saving Challenge: Tips to Save as Much As Possible in 30 Days

Start Your Own 30-Day Challenge: 10 Money-Saving Ideas

If you apply yourself to the effort, 30 days is all you need to save a substantial amount of money. This guide will show you 10 simple ways to cut expenses and find yourself with a huge amount of money left over at the end of the month.

Save the cash for a rainy day, make regular lifestyle changes to save up for a big ticket purchase, or save up enough money for a treat or two…although make sure you use an Eaze promo code even while treating yourself! Or other things like saving for college expenses for the kids. However you choose to spend your savings, the tips below ensure that you have the most money possible at the end of your 30-day challenge. This is a personal finance goal that offers success for those who put forth the efforts to save money.

In addition to obvious tips like to bookmark and share a coupon code website, we want to give some off the board tips that could help you save even more in 30 days.

1. Cancel Those Subscriptions

money saving challenge - 30 days

The average person subscribes to about 8 services, totalling $80 or more per month. Cancel as many subscriptions as possible and regain a ton of extra money. Do you really need three cartoon subscription services for the kids?

2. Hide Your Credit Cards

hide your credit cards - saving cash over thirty days

Or, stop using them altogether. Even when you aren’t using the cards, interest rates and annual fees add up. Hide the credit cards from yourself for this 30-day challenge and you won’t have as many goodies to pay off later down the road.

3. Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk has a few advantages, so long as you buy items you actually need and don’t get caught up in a good deal. Buying in bulk offers savings sometimes as great as 50%, as well as the assurance that you never run out of the things that you need the most.

4. Check Your Coverage

Although insurance is important to carry, ask yourself if you need every policy you own and if you really need comprehensive policies. By minimizing insurance and eliminating what you don’t really need, the savings you find are quite tremendous.

5. Host a Garage Sale

A garage sale is also a multi-beneficial way to rack up a nice chunk of change during the month. Not only do you rack up money during a garage sale you also declutter the house and rid it of things that you really don’t want or need. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

6. Or, Sell Your Stuff on eBay

As opposed to a garage sale, you may get better returns by selling seldom used items on eBay. Old books you aren’t using anymore, electronic devices, etc. are all items that could hold more value to people across the country than your local neighborhood. eBay also gives you more control over the haggling feature, since haggling is an expected part of garage sales that can be tiresome to some.

7. Cook at Home

The average fast food meal costs about $8 while eating at a casual dining restaurant ups the bill to about $18 per person. Take everyone in the family out and this equals a substantial sum of money. Cook at home for a fraction of the cost and you’ll get leftovers for lunch the following day.

8. Make Money Online

Sell crafts. Sell old clothing. Take surveys. Write articles. Many online money-making opportunities allow anyone to sign up and pocket a few extra bucks for completing simple tasks of their choice. You control the hours that you work, the tasks that you complete, and even the amount of money you bring in each day or week.

9. Cut Grocery Expenses

Try an online grocery service. Many offer first-time customers a nice discount. Shop discount stores and purchase generic brands more often than not. With the exception of sales items, generics almost always save money.

10. Save a Dollar – And Your Change

A dollar a day may not seem like a lot of money, but $30 per month equals over $300 in a year. Add all of the pennies you leave behind at the supermarket and other coins and you can really rack up the cash even in the course of a single month. Purchase (or make your own) penny bank and put it to use this month -and beyond.

11. Shop During Sales

Shopping during sales saves an abundance of money. From cents-off offers to BOGO deals, sales make shopping special. Take advantage of sales offers. Make a new rule to shop only during sales. Sign up for notifications so you know when the best sales occur. Combine sales with coupons and other deals and you’ll score substantial savings every time you shop, regardless of what you need.

Your 30-Day Savings Guide

The 10 ideas above alone can help save a cool $1000 or more per month, but there are even more ideas that can tally up the number even more. Make the next 30 days the best personal finance days of your life and save the most money possible using these ideas. After you discover just how much money it’s possible to save, you’ll ever look at money the same way again!