How Much Do Voice Actors Make?

What Kind of Salary and/or Wages Do Voice Actors and Actresses Make?

First: What Is A Voice Over Actor Or Actress?

A voice over actor or actress performs a vocal role for a movie or television production. The types of television shows or films that voice over artist usually partake in are animation films, radio, television commercials, educational materials, documentaries, audio books, and much more. Individuals can hear voice over artist anytime of the day and night. Individuals may listen to voice over artist while driving, at work, or while working. A voice over can be considered an off stage and off-camera dialogue. The reason why it is called a voice over or the person who is performing the voice over is referred to as a voice over artist is because they are not seen during the production of the broadcast. Voice over productions are usually played during a visual movie or television show and they are also played during radio broadcasts.   

What Is The Salary Of A Voice Over Artist?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that voice over artist usually earn an average salary of around $35,360 per year and this equates to $17.50 per hour. However they can earn anywhere from between $20 to $100 or more just one hour of work. 

But It Depends:

The money that a voice-over artist makes depends on the role that they take. In most cases the salary of the voice over artist differs drastically because each individual has created their own brand and has their own level of experience. These factors will ultimately determine the money that they make for each specific  role. The money that is paid to a voice over artist depends on the experience that they have and the brand that they have built for themselves in the industry.

The Job Description Of A Voice Over Artist:

average salary for voice actors and actresses

The basic job description of a voice over artist is to read scripts or to speak. A voice over artist must have the ability to read well, speak well, have a good voice, and in some cases also have a distinct or unique voice. The voice over artist must be very diverse almost in the same way as an actor or actress on a movie screen does. What this means is that some scripts need to be read in a different tone so the voice over artist must be diverse because each voice over role will be different.

As a voice over artist the individual must be patient and understand that in some cases when reading a script it may need to be read multiple times before the director or producer is satisfied with the outcome. So for anyone who thinks that being a voice-over artist is an easy occupation they are definitely wrong. This job requires an extreme amount of talent, devotion, and hard work in order to be successful. 

The Needed Qualifications To Become A Voice Over Actor

When an individual is considering a career in the voice over industry the number one thing that they must first have a good voice. Individuals should also be able to speak well and read well. It would also be a benefit if the individual who is considering a voice over acting career can speak and read in an eloquent manner also. Having a good voice is not the only qualification needed to become a successful voice over actor. Some formal education is recommended and in most cases it is a bachelor degree in acting that is recommended. This degree can be a real asset in this industry. If you do not want to get a bachelor’s degree in acting a professional class in voice lessons is at least needed to start and have a successful career as a voice-over actor. 

The Job Market For Voice Over Actors 

The voice over job industry is a very competitive industry because most of the individuals that get these types of jobs are either already famous, social media influencers, athletes, actors, and so forth. This does not mean that you cannot compete and make your dreams come true of becoming a successful voice over actor because at the end of the day it is still all about Talent.

Individuals should make sure that they brand themselves properly and sometimes take low profile work to build themselves up a resume. They should also create a voice over CD demo to provide to any potential employers. When the new voice-over actor is doing all of these things they are building up their experience so companies know that they have worked in the industry and are qualified for the job. Another key aspect to finding employment as a voice over actor is getting a good agent who is well known in the industry.

This is important because an experienced agent can guide the new voice over actor on how to create a voice over CD demo. They also have connections within the industry which can lead to employment opportunities for the voice over actor.